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Текст песни St. Vincent — Digital Witness

St. Vincent — Digital Witness
Зарубежные классические, современные, этно, джазовые песни

St. Vincent — Digital Witness

(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson)

We always said we'd hire a plane
That only flies at night
And we'd stay up forever
Just watching the lights
From deck chairs on a steamer
That only sails in summer
We'd chase the sun around the moon
No captain at the rudder

We'd go to Paris
The perfect time of year
We'd go all around the world
We'd go everywhere
But first we'd go to Paris
Cuz I've always wanted to
And I just can't imagine
Walking Paris without you

A train that's on a one-way track
Winding through the Alps
Christmas in a parlor car
With no one else
Hire a car that only knows
A country road in England
Time will fly
We'll drive on by

Broken dreams a broken heart
And plans that never made it
All turn into fantasies

Each night I go to Paris
And hope that you'll be there
I go all around the world
I go everywhere
But first I go to Paris
Cuz I always wanted to
And I just can't imagine
Walking Paris without you
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